New Site About Kettlebells and Strength Training

Different coloured kettlebellsFlaming Kettlebells has, for a number of years, been dedicated to the delights of this special, superior form of training your body.

We have loved the way that it works the whole of your body and also puts stress on your cardio-vascular system.  All all round super exercise!

However, we have started a new fitness and exercise website called Fitter and Alive which has a section dedicated to kettlebells (how could we not?)  The first article is about the good old kettlebell and has instructions and video on how to safely do a two handed kettlebell swing; the routine that everyone should know and do regularly, even if part of a warming up routine.

What will we be doing in the future on Fitter and Alive?  Adding LOADS of more exercises with lots of movies, pictures and tips on how to get the most out of this flexible piece of gym equipment.  I hope to be able to get some special deals to buy quality pieces at low prices – at this point in time we all need to be able to save the pennies.

Are you still not too sure just what the fuss about these balls of metal are?  Well, good old Wikipedia has a nice article that may help so feel free to go there, take a look and when it whets your appetite, go for the real “meat and veg” of the training system so you can sink your teeth in.

The benefits are truely amazing.  Sure, things like dumbbells are good for what they are but they just work only a small amount of muscles whereas when you use a kettle bell properly, it works the whole of your body.

Just do a little test – have a nice, medium to hard session with a kettlebell and you’ll see a few results:

  • You will sweat – a lot!
  • You will be out of breath – a lot!
  • For the next 2 days you will be sore – a lot!

All are good signs that a lot of muscles are working and doing you good.

What more can you ask for?  So feel free to drop in and say hi at!